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Media placement across the nation
on a Per-Inquiry basis

For Publications
Place National Advertisers in your Publication on a Per-Inquiry Basis

MediaBids is pioneering an effort to bring advertisers back to print by offering a results-based Per-Inquiry pricing model. This program allows advertisers accustomed to paying for responses a chance to utilize the power of print in the same way.

For more information or to place these national advertisers in your publication, view our roster of Available Advertisers

For Advertisers
Pay for Newspaper & Magazine Advertising Based on Results

The MediaBids Per-Inquiry print advertising service allows you to access the power of print at tremendous savings!

To qualify for MediaBids Per-Inquiry print advertising service, you must first create a free MediaBids account. A MediaBids representative will contact you within two business days to discuss the details of the Per-Inquiry program.

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