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Omaha Steaks

" We have utilized the Mediabids per-inquiry print platform very successfully for our direct-response clients. It is an exceptional supplement to our clients’ overall advertising campaign that affordably adds a complimentary print component to what we are placing for them on TV, radio and the internet. The Mediabids staff has been great to work with and make it very easy for us to execute cost-effective print placement for our clients "

- John,
The Ocean Bridge Group

For more information about our PI Print Advertising Program:

Please Contact:
Whately Greiner
1-800-545-1135 x 224

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Pay-Per-Call Print Advertising: Drive Quality, High-Converting Inbound Calls from Newspapers and Magazines

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MediaBids’ Per-Inquiry Advertising Program

Per-Inquiry Advertising Program Overview

  • We distribute pay-per-call print ads to thousands of newspapers and magazines across the US on behalf of select advertisers. You pay only for each qualifying phone call.
  • MediaBids handles the details - from ad resizing, phone number insertion/management, ad distribution and publication payment - we handle it all!
  • We've driven millions of phone calls to a wide variety of verticals - from gifts to insurance, automotive to floral, we can deliver leads your way.

Request more information:   or call 1-800-545-1135

How MediaBids Per-Inquiry Advertising Program Works:


Step 1:

Your company and MediaBids agree to the definition of a lead, length of call and price per inquiry.

Pays X for X - second call

Step 2:

You provide MediaBids with the creative you have prepared for your print advertising campaign.

Step 3:

Mediabids makes the ad available to publications that meet the general criteria (publication formats, circulation area, etc.) that you define.

Publications that participate include:
- Daily Metro Newspapers
- National Magazines
- Weekly Newspapers
- Regional Magazines
- Local, Regional and    National Shoppers

Step 4:

When a publication agrees to run your ad, MediaBids handles any necessary resizing, insertion of a tracking mechanism (i.e. unique phone number or url ) and ad delivery.