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Since 1986 Ernest Oriente has owned, managed and coached 600+ leading publishing companies and their advertising sales team, around the world--and is the author of SmartMatch Alliances.
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Publish your publication online with the amazing page-flip technology. Embed a flipping-icon of your publication on your website to connect your visitors to your publication. Easy access to your archived publications. Sell online subscriptions from your site and/or
Create Online Editions of Your Publications

Rix Quinn
Rix Quinn writes marketing columns for several magazines, and gives workshops on niche marketing and saleswriting for college and university continuing education programs. A former business magazine writer, editor, and publisher, Quinn holds a bachelors' degree in journalism from Texas Christian University, and a masters' from California State University.

HP MagCloud
HP MagCloud, a self-service content publishing platform, is pioneering a new era of content delivery and distribution; where magazine publishers and businesses alike can affordably turn targeted content into professional quality publications printed on-demand, shipped globally and available in both print and digital magazine formats.

Niche Media
Niche Media provides niche publishers with Camp Niche,the Niche Magazine Conference & Niche Digital Media Conference.
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