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Since 1986 Ernest Oriente has owned, managed and coached 600+ leading publishing companies and their advertising sales team, around the world--and is the author of SmartMatch Alliances.
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Publish your publication online with the amazing page-flip technology. Embed a flipping-icon of your publication on your website to connect your visitors to your publication. Easy access to your archived publications. Sell online subscriptions from your site and/or
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Rix Quinn
SELL WITH YOUR VOICE offers ideas for creating one-minute radio-style messages from your print ads. You can offer this to advertisers as a value-added service. This can also give your advertisers the opportunity to increase inquires by placing the audio on their web sites, and attaching the audio to outgoing e-mails too.

Rix Quinn is an audio consultant to the newspaper and magazine industry.
You can call him at 817-920-7999, or e-mail him at

HP MagCloud
HP MagCloud, a self-service content publishing platform, is pioneering a new era of content delivery and distribution; where magazine publishers and businesses alike can affordably turn targeted content into professional quality publications printed on-demand, shipped globally and available in both print and digital magazine formats.

Niche Media
Niche Media provides niche publishers with Camp Niche,the Niche Magazine Conference & Niche Digital Media Conference.
Phone: (530) 759-0848
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